Properties management

  • Rentals and sales management
  • Ability to manage properties in backend or frontend
  • Easy gallery management for each property
  • Drag and drop map with Geocoding
  • Feature lists management
  • Native multilingual support
  • Access rights management

User management

  • Uses native Joomla users
  • Access controls using native Joomla group level access

Properties layout

  • Filtered with Menu item parameters
  • Search form with AJAX filter
  • Map search with AJAX filter

Property layout

  • Contact form
  • Gallery with automatic thumbnails generation


  • Automatic thumbnails generation
  • Native translations : French, English and Spanish
  • Native SEF
  • Extensible with plugins


  • Slider module
  • Featured module
  • Search module


  • DPE plugin (Energy efficiency)
  • Social plugin
  • Joomfish plugin