Properties management

Fields description


_Note: By default, Latitude or Longitude are not automatically created. You must use the button «Open the map» below these two fields and place a marker on the map. Then close the map and these fields will be filled with your coordinates. However, if you want to create automatically Latitude or Longitude when saving the property, you can install the plugin plg_jea_geolocalize._

Financial informations

Note : the currency symbol must be defined in JEA options. By default € is used.


Publication info


Property can have unlimited number of pictures. However, upload is limited to 3 pictures (by default). You can increase this number in JEA options > pictures > Upload image number. Note : these uploaded pictures are not resized.

Properties pictures are located in /images/com_jea folder. You can access them with the Joomla Media Manager.

Thumbnails sizes are set in JEA options > pictures.

In the property pictures panel, there is the possibility to reorder items. The picture at the top of the list is the property main picture.

Contact form

To activate the contact form for each property, choose «show» in JEA options > Property display > Contact form. By default, the contact form is sent to the site email defined in the Joomla configuration. This can be overriden in JEA options > Property display > Default recipient. But if you choose «Yes» in JEA options > Property display > Send email to author the form will be sent to the user who created the property.

To avoid Spam, it's possible to activate a captha in JEA options > Property display > Use captcha. JEA uses the captcha defined in the global Joomla configuration (Site Settings > Default Captcha). By default, the plugin Recaptcha is already installed with Joomla but it's possible to use another captcha plugin (See on JED).

Google map

A Google map can be displayed on the property layout by choosing «yes» in JEA options > Property display > Google map. By default the map tries to use coordinates (latitude and longitude) to place a marker (See how to find coordinates). If no coordinates are set for the property, the map will try to geolocalize with the fields address, town and department if they are set.


JEA Permissions are globally defined in JEA options > Permissions. Here is the description of each permission :

Moreover, it's possible to set permissions for each property :

Menu items

JEA offers five type of menu items: