Features management

Features are items lists which corresponds to :

It's highly recommended to populate these lists before to manage properties.

To manage features, go to Components > Joomla Estate Agency > Manage features in the administrator area.

Departments, towns and areas

By default in JEA, there is a relationship between departments, towns and areas. It means that area is a part of a town and town is part of a department.

For some reasons, if you don't need this behaviour, it can be deactivated in JEA options > General > Relationship between departments, towns, areas.

Import features

If you have a lot of features, fill them by hand is a bit fastidious. So, you can import them in CSV to save time.

The CSV format used is semi-colon (;) to separate items and double quotes (") to wrap text. Columns are : ID;Value;Order;Language.

CSV example to import amenities :

20;"Equipped Kitchen";20;en-GB

Departments, towns and areas exceptions

Departments, towns, areas features don't have the column language.

Towns CSV columns are : ID;Value;department_id;Order where department_id corresponds to the primary key of the department feature.

Aeas CSV columns are : ID;Value;town_id;Order where town_id corresponds to the primary key of the town feature.

Departments and towns CSV examples :

departments.csv :


towns.csv :

71;"San Antonio";100;2
73;"Los Angeles";102;4
74;"San Francisco";102;5

Export features

To export features in CSV files with the format described above, go to Components > Joomla Estate Agency > Manage features in the administrator area, and select all the features lists then click on the Export button. You'll get an archive in zip format with all CSV files.