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3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC

Most of the users asking on the Internet to seek a way to use iMessage on PC which is running Windows 7/8/10 operations system. Is it possible to use iMessage for Windows PC? Don't panic, here in this post, let's figure it out.  imessage on pc

Some people loves to use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, however, Apple iMessage is also a popular app with brilliant features among its users, such as communicate with family or friends by sending texts, photos, locations, videos, audios, contacts or links ,etc.

For now, iMessage is accessible through the messages app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, many of the iMessage users are trying to search iMessage for Windows PC and if you are willing to take this advantage of tip on using iMessage from Windows, read thoroughly of this post to find it out.

3 Tips on how to use iMessage on PC
Apple iMessage for PC is not available from the official website, as we known it's only for Mac or iOS system, to use iMessage on Windows computer, we have to rely on Chrome Remote Desktop to remote access the Mac, therefore, you'll have to prepare one Mac and Windows PC (The PC runs Windows 10 OS is the best).
Tip One. How to get iMessage via Chrome Remote Desktop
1. Download Chrome Browser and then install Chrome Remote Desktop plugin on Chrome plugin web store on both your Mac and Windows PC.
2. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop once installed.
3. Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on Mac computer ONLY.
4. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and click Share button and in the mean time you will get a code, type this code on your Windows PC.

Finally, you'll see two computers will be connected and you can then use iMessage on PC via Chrome Remote Desktop from Chrome browser. Besides, connection via Chrome browser is all secure. Enjoy it right now.  imessage on pc

Tip Two. Use iMessage on PC with iPadian
What if you don't have Mac computer and you still need to use iMessage on Windows PC? You can rely on iPadian emulator to run iMessage app. iPadian 2 is an iPad simulator with the abilities to transform your Windows PC and enable it to run iOS apps. However, the iPad simulator doesn't perform consistently and it possibly floods your computer with malware. Therefore, you should operate carefully with precautions.

1. Download the iPadian emulator for Windows on your PC.
2. Double click the .exe file and then install it.
3. Launch the iPadian program once installed.
4. Type iMessage in the search bar and install the iMessage on emulator.

Then, launch the app and start your maiden experience of iMessage on your Windows PC.
Tip Three. Send iMessage from PC by jailbreak the iPhone
This is also a practical way to send instant message by using iMessage from Windows PC, however, it also requires your precaution to do so.

1. Jailbreak the iOS devices with an iOS software called Cydia.
2. Find Remote Messages APP from in Cydia to set up a web based interface , generally, it takes $4 to download.
3. Find Settings page from Remote Messages app and then create the username and password.
4. Launch a web browser on your PC to access the iPhone by typing the current IP address with the server port: 333, Tips: you can find IP and server port from Remote Messages app in Settings page.
5. Login with the preset username and password on the web broswer.
6. Then you can send and receive the message with iMessage from Windows PC.

To be honest, the first tip is strongly recommend, as this is the most secure way to use iMessage on PC without infecting with any other third-party malware or harm your iPhone by non-trusted jailbreak software, what if the iPhone text messages from iMessage have been accidentally deleted by improper operations, what should we do to recover iMessages from iPhone?

Then you'll have to rely on a third party iPhone data recovery software to restore the text messages for you. And Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery is my recommendation. You can check the functions by following tutorials.

read more? Please visit: 3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC

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