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Solutions to Fix Computer Turns On but No Display


Have you ever had computer turns on but no display on your computer? Go through this page which contains ultimate guide to resolve the issue. And introduces Bitwar Data Recovery Software urgently retrieve your lost data when PC no turns on no display

If you are seeing problem in your HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo or Asus, of which the laptop turns on but no display or laptop turns on but screen is black, you must be very anxious. As a matter of fact, Windows black screen of death is a common issue. You can find the corresponding troubleshooting on the Internet, but most of the repair and troubleshooting operations will wipe the hard drive data, and most users' biggest worry and fear right now is data loss.

So, if you care for data too, try at the first step to access hard drive data without OS. You can try Bitwar Data Recovery Software to recover your lost data. This professional file recovery software offers wizard interfaces as well as simple operations, which can help users effectively recover lost data from PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, multimedia player and other storage devices. computer turns on no display
Steps to recover data with Bitwar Data Recovery?
Remove the hard drive from the no display computer and install it onto another computer that can boot normally.

Free download Bitwar Data Recovery Software on the computer by clicking the download icon below and then install it.

In conclusion
The above methods can help you find and fix Computer Turns On but No Display issues. If you are concerned about data loss, be sure to perform data recovery with Bitwar Data Recovery first.

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