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#1 2018-02-09 16:46:45

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Property Type in search, Department in backend, & search module layout


I have added 5 property types.They are all "All languages". When I add a new property, the types are available to be selected. However, when I try to search the property types are are unavailable. OK, figured out why - and the same goes for Departments (I renamed mine to "Counties") and Towns. If there's no listing including that Type, Department or Town, that option isn't available for selection. I should have guessed this seeing as it's set to Ajax search. roll Thought I'd leave this in here in case someone else is having a blonde moment like me!


What are departments? I am assuming it's either state or county. Alternatively, I suppose it could be the department within the Realty office, but that really makes no sense as then there's nowhere for state or county. I've created language overrides for all incidences of the word "department(s)" - there were 3 found. However, while the frontend of the site does show "State", everything is still department in the backend. A little detail, but I'm perplexed as to why the backend incidences didn't show up with the override.


Has anyone modified the search module layout. As a sidebar, the layout is fine and dandy. However, there really needs to be a more horizontal layout.
Search module

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