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#1 2017-03-13 19:05:46

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Problem with amenities.. not load

Hello, I have the version 3.1 installed of JEA in joomla 3.X. Today I have notice that the list of amenities in the property interface not show (until friday I haven't no problem).
If I refresh the page the amenities show for some second and after not show with an notice in red that inform me that the characteristc are reload for the current language.
I have controlled the list of amenities and for each I have language set to ALL.
Instead if I change the language in the property interface I have the same notice in red and the characteristic field in red border. If I view the developer console the network request there are same request in json that are reload correctly (Type and condition) and other 6 request with internal server error 500.
I hope I am clare with the problem