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#1 Re: Help » Add additional field in result list help. » 2009-09-23 18:20:41

 Yea, I would appreciate any help on this matter to.

It seems illogical to have, lets say, 50 properties in London
listed with the titles as 'Property in London'.
The user can't really distinguish between each of them very

#2 Re: Help » Change Search Layout and Options *** » 2009-09-18 15:43:37

need a bit more help, I lack PHP skills!

Now, when I add the above, The search area changes but it isnt
linking in with the number of bed room?
For example, I put that feature in, and now, it doesnt pick up
any property (despite several properties matching the

Any suggestions? 

#3 Re: Help » Thousands & Decimal Separators » 2009-09-17 21:45:00

Ok, I'm not that good with the JEA component myself, but whilst
trying to solve my problem (which isnt solved, so if anyone reads
this, please help me!) I came across an option in the language .ini
file for the JEA component. I think it is labeled xx_com_jea.ini in
the languages folder.

Browse down towards the bottom. Hope this fixes it, I think I
have the same problem but haven't got past my initial problems!

If you do find out, please do let us know! 

#4 Help » Change Search Layout and Options *** » 2009-09-17 13:01:18

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 Hi, I am completely new to Joomla so my knowledge of PHP
is very limited.
I basically want to change numerous features. I have attempted
to do it myself, but I end up breaking the Joomla Estate Agency
I understand I am asking for a lot of help hear, so
I am more than happy to contribute some money to the
individual that helps me
or contribute it back to
the Joomla Estate Agency developers.

Changing the Search Layout and Features

Firstly, on the quick search, I would like to turn off the
'renting' and 'selling' feature.
All my properties are for renting purposes, so I would like this
to be set to default and not visible?

Next, I would like to to change the layout and components that
the user uses for search.
By default, JEA is using; Property Type | Department |

However, I would prefer:

    [*]Location (as a drop down)
    [*]Number of Bedrooms (as a drop down)
    [*]Minimum Price (as a drop down)
    [*]Maximum Price (as a drop down)

I.e. Similar to; 
If someone could get close to this?
N.B. As a result, I will turning off advance search, since
most clients only need the above.

Now the big issue for me is; how does this all affect the way in
which data is put in at the back-end?

I am running Joomla 1.5 with a template. Any more details or
clarification, let me know.
ANY HELP is much appreciated and again, and my offer above does
still stand!

Thanks for reading!